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What Scotland’s biggest solar farm represents

Scotland’s largest solar farm has been given the green light, a significant move for renewable energy. Moray Council gave Elgin Energy the go ahead to develop the 20MW project near Urquhart. What could this immense project mean for the rest of the UK? The new solar panel farm could see about 80,000 solar panels be installed, but how will this affect those of us living in Preston or other parts of the UK? It is true that solar farms generate electricity locally and feed into the local electricity grid, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t benefit from this mega […]


The advantages of adding a battery to your solar photovoltaic system

It is a question which many have asked; what actually are the benefits of adding a battery to your solar photovoltaic system? To make it a little bit easier to answer, Alan Cartwright published an in-depth study on the advantages of batteries for his own solar system. His study saw substantial conclusions which may prove beneficial to anybody who hasn’t yet weighed out the strengths and weaknesses for solar batteries on their properties. I am admittedly guilty of using general claims about solar batteries, such as ‘they are the future’ and as much as I believe this statement it is […]


Brightening up the future of Uganda with solar lamps

It might surprise you but in Uganda, 90% of the population is not connected to an electric grid, which means most people rely on flame based lamps powered by kerosene. Not only are these lamps dim and expensive, they also come with health costs. Many people living in Uganda will cook over open flames, meaning indoor air pollution can make it equivalent to smoking about two packs of cigarettes in just one day, as well as many losing their homes and lives to house fires. Maybe less surprising is the fact that many have turned to solar energy to help […]



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