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  • All Installations Fully Insured & Guaranteed
  • 25 year linear performance guarantee
  • Cover the whole of the U.K

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Latest News

Shading Factors

We all might look at roof and think differently about it – do we need to consider the chimney, the velux, the dormer windows, for example, some might think there are no shading factors while others might think the opposite. Well when it comes down to installing a solar pv system we need to make sure we know what we’re talking about. Any hint of shading on any part of the panels will bring the solar pv system, but, there are ways to combat this.   Here at Contact-Solar we work with two products that will take your solar system […]


How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further – Part 3

Our final chapter on How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further takes a look at the Geo Green Monitoring System. This is a quirky little device that helps you monitor the output of your solar pv system. The Geo Green is a wireless monitor that provides an end to end management experience. It will tell you when the panels are working, when they’re not working and when your peak output hours are. Ultimately by ‘keeping tabs’ on your system with the Geo Green you’ll find a pattern for using your home made electricity, this will then help you to save […]


How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further – Part 2

Continuing our theme of making your solar pv installation go further, we’ll now take a look at the additional products that you can see on our website and are also mention in the back of our quote pack.  Our first focal product is the Voltage Optimiser. The VPhase VX1 works by conducting and essentially compressing the voltage of the electricity that enters your property. This in turn decreases the amount of electricity that your appliances need to work THEREFORE decreasing your overall electricity usage and ultimately your bill. It has been said that by installing a voltage optimiser you can save an extra […]



  • Testimonials

    Testimonial Parker - Suffolk
    The head office team have been great to deal with, and full contact was maintained when weather conditions etc meant that work had to be re-scheduled. The fitters were a cheeky bunch of lads who worked on in bad weather and kept me informed at all times during the fitting process. I will certainly recommend this company to friends and family

    Parker - Suffolk