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Photovoltaic Panel Systems – Go Green with Solar Energy

Photovoltaic systems and solar panels have several advantages over other electrical systems, which incorporate 1.) Photovoltaic panels are amazingly solid and oblige low upkeep. 2.) Photovoltaic systems are extremely flexible and are suitable for heaps of any size, they can be remain solitary, nearby framework, focal network joined or even crossover (in conjunction with different innovations like wind or hydro) frameworks. 3.) Photovoltaic systems are low in cost for remote applications 4.) Photovoltaic systems work best when we require energy the most, i.e. during peak energy demand period of the day 5.) Photovoltaic systems need very short lead time for […]

Shading Factors

We all might look at roof and think differently about it – do we need to consider the chimney, the velux, the dormer windows, for example, some might think there are no shading factors while others might think the opposite. Well when it comes down to installing a solar pv system we need to make sure we know what we’re talking about. Any hint of shading on any part of the panels will bring the solar pv system, but, there are ways to combat this.   Here at Contact-Solar we work with two products that will take your solar system […]

How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further – Part 3

Our final chapter on How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further takes a look at the Geo Green Monitoring System. This is a quirky little device that helps you monitor the output of your solar pv system. The Geo Green is a wireless monitor that provides an end to end management experience. It will tell you when the panels are working, when they’re not working and when your peak output hours are. Ultimately by ‘keeping tabs’ on your system with the Geo Green you’ll find a pattern for using your home made electricity, this will then help you to save […]

How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further – Part 2

Continuing our theme of making your solar pv installation go further, we’ll now take a look at the additional products that you can see on our website and are also mention in the back of our quote pack.  Our first focal product is the Voltage Optimiser. The VPhase VX1 works by conducting and essentially compressing the voltage of the electricity that enters your property. This in turn decreases the amount of electricity that your appliances need to work THEREFORE decreasing your overall electricity usage and ultimately your bill. It has been said that by installing a voltage optimiser you can save an extra […]

How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further

Typically, a standard solar pv installation includes – pv panels, inverter, electrical / wiring equipment, mounting kit and a generation meter. Anything on top of this is classed as an additional extra and is more often than not a chargeable extra. Because we like to be transparent with our pricing the standard equipment is listed and priced so that you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money. However, to make your system go that little bit further and to really reap the benefits of your system there are a few additional add ons that you may wish to consider.  […]

Fires Caused By Inverters With Inbuilt DC Switches

Over the past few weeks we’ve had several customers ‘worried’ about fires being started by inverters. So, to put your mind at rest we thought we’d write a blog about it.   All solar installations should adhere to strict wiring regulations and should be tested by a fully qualified electrician. Post installation a certificate should be issued showing the full testing results and a copy of the wiring diagram should be sent out with the handover pack.   However, in recent months there has been speculation in the press that certain inverters have been catching fire causing a considerable amount of […]

What Do Our Qualifications Mean – Part 2

QANW – has been designed for members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. It is, for want of a better description, an insurance policy for the consumer that protects them from the second a deposit is paid. Not only does is protect the customer, but it also provides added security for any advance payments and covers the workmanship warranty.   The workmanship warranty is variable depending on the chosen tenure by the installer. A minimum warranty period of two years is recommended but the maximum tenure that can be imposed is 10 years. This ‘insurance policy’ is designed to protect, […]

What Do Our Qualifications Mean – Part 1

MCS – as an MCS installer we respect and work closely with the internationally recognised quality assurance scheme – The Microgeneration Certification Scheme. The MCS is wholly supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. It is these two bodies that certifies the use of all equipment  suitable for any renewable installation. Not only do the MCS certify the products but also the companies installing the products. To be fully compliant, installers must follow a set procedure and strict guidelines, any deviation from this and their licence will be stripped. The MCS code of compliance covers all electrical renewables […]

Size v Pay-Out

Solar PV isn’t just for domestic use it can also be used for business purposes too. Traditionally, a residential installation is restricted to a maximum of 4KW – using a single incoming mains supply. With business properties, providing there is an incoming three phase supply you can install a whopping 10KW to your roof. This of course can be extended further by applying to your local District Network Operator (DNO for short). One company that is hitting the headlines is Center Parcs. They have taken a massive leap forward to becoming more green by installing a huge 50KW system to their head […]

In Roof Or On Roof

Ok, so a decision on choosing whether or not to have Solar Pv is a big enough choice to make in itself. You want to know the pricing, how it benefits you, if it will work in this country, then which panel to go for there are so many. Each one better than the rest, (well so they say), then also on top of that you think that it will look out of place on your roof !!!!! You think that passers by, neighbours, whoever, may see them will look and think how out of place they look on your roof. […]