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10 Million UK Homes To Have Solar Panels By 2020

10 Million UK Homes To Have Solar Panels By 2020



Experts from Imperial College say Britain should have 10 million homes rigged in solar panels by 2020 (Can you believe that’s only 6 years away!) if the country was to achieve its renewable energy potential.


More than a third of families generating solar power from the sun would help the UK to develop around 6% of its yearly electricity needs from solar power, 40% of that coming from the panel systems on bright sunny days.


These statistics are comparable to those of Germany, which has made a large breakthrough on solar power in the last 10years. Installing more panels brings the prices of technology down greatly, because of economies of scale, just as the example of Germany and other countries display.


Recent studies show close to half a million households in Britain have solar panels fitted today.


Solar power could be in for a hefty increase in size in the UK, stated by the analysis and research from the Grantham Institute, but this would depend upon positive policies to boost the installation of tons more panel systems on rooftops across the country. Modernized photovoltaic panels can produce solar energy even on gloomy days, yet they operate better on sunshiny days!



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