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Thanks for choosing Contact Solar for your solar requirements.

Contact as a brand has been trading for more than a quarter century, and like all businesses, we started as a one man band by our founder Colin Lynch. Colin’s who’s background is in packaging, is still very much at the helm of the Contact brand and isn’t ready for retiring yet. Contact is now turning over in excess of £15million a year, employs 64 members of staff and is still growing.

We believe that people buy people, and we understand that the investment you’re about to make isn’t just for now. The Solar panels will be on your roof in years to come. Perhaps you won’t be the owner 10 years down the line but this investment is going to save YOU money right from the word go. It’s for this reason that we’re not just a voice at the end of the phone. We take our time to come and get to know you and your family, to understand your wants, your needs and your time scales.

We’ve built our reputation by working with our customers and for our customers. We have a whole host of customers coming back to us year on year month on month for our services. Just like your new Solar Panels, we’re here for the long term.


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