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Solar iBoost – £450.00 Inc. VAT

Simple to install wireless energy sensor.

The Solar iBoost unit receives information wirelessly from
the sender unit and controls the power to the immersion

Simply clamp the sensor around the household “live”
outgoing supply cable at the electricity meter.

Use your existing immersion heater

Wall mount the Solar iBoost close to the hot water tank
Connect the solar iBoost in the cable between the existing fused spur and immersion heater.

Solar iBoost

Geo Green Energy Option – £250.00 Inc. VAT

For every customer and every questions, GEO has the answer.

GEO provide and end-to-end energy management experience. From in-home displays to online applianece control, GEO give everyone the power to shape their energy consumption – helping homeowners to save the worls (and their wallets).

Products include the Solo PV, Solo II PV and the Chorus PV

Key Features

– Full colour display

– Live generation levels

– Encourage efficient use of generated elevtricity

– Installs in minutes (easy to retrofit)

– Free web service

– Plus many more…

Geo Green Energy

ECO-MAX-HOME – £575.00 Including VAT

The Easy Way to Save Power, Save Money & Help Save The Planet

    li>Reduces your electricity consumption by up to 19% – £1026 p/a
  • Three adjustable savings settings for optimum voltage control
  • Saves you money 24hrs/day, 7days /week
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Your electrical appliances last longer
  • Works with solar PV, wind power & heat pumps etc
  • Easily installed by qualified electrician
  • Made in the UK
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Immediate savings
  • No maintenance

So what is ECO-MAX-HOME?
ECO-MAX-HOME is the smart new way to reduce your electricity bills. It uses a technique called Voltage Optimisation to reduce your energy consumption, 24hrs/day, 7days/week.

Advances in technology have allowed us to shrink our very successful ECO-MAX-POWER optimiser range, which have been reducing the bills of large businesses since 2002, into a small cost effective package, suitable for use in homes and smaller business premises.

ECO-MAX-HOME carefully reduces your voltage to around 220 Volts, which reduces your energy consumption and carbon footprint, saving you money and extending the life span of your electrical appliances.


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