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Going back a few years, the government brought in HIP’s. These were designed to inform the buyer of your property everything they needed to know. HIP’s have now been abolished; however, part of the HIP was to carry out an EPC survey. The EPC is a survey of your home to discover how energy efficient your home is. Only those with an energy rating of D or above will qualify for the full Feed In Tariff rate.

The majority of properties built or purchased after 2007 will already hold an EPC Certificate, An EPC is valid for 10 years. If you do not hold a valid EPC you may instruct an independent surveyor to carry out an EPC survey. Or at the point of site survey for the installation our team will perform the survey for a fee of £100.00.

What affects my EPC rating?

If you’re worried about your EPC rating, why not have a quick look round your home and see if any improvements can be made prior to the assessment. Things to look out for are:

• Is your home built from brick, thermalite block or wood
• Is your property air-tight? Make sure all gaps around windows and door frames are sealed.
• How efficient is your heating and hot water supply? Does it take a while to get going? Perhaps having your boiler regular serviced might help. Or bleed your radiators.
• Are you using low energy bulbs?
• Is your loft insulated?
• Do you have cavity wall insulation?

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