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Heat 99% of your water for free with the Bunsen Air

by Feb 12, 2018

2018, and everybody is trying to save money and save our precious planet. The Bunsen Air has been allowing everybody to do both, with just one installation.

Electricity and the world has, to say the least, had a turbulent relationship. As modern humans, we really do need electric to live but it has unarguably had a catastrophic effect on the world. Unsightly power plants have been the main source of electric and in turn they have polluted and contributed to the destruction of the planet. Of course, there are many contributors to climate change but the vast majority of the greenhouse gases that we pump into the air every single day are a result of our need for energy.

So the invention of renewable energy technology was met with optimism and hope, especially with solar that can be installed on everyday properties and allows every single one of us to make a difference whilst cutting our bills. The arguments against solar may be completely exasperating but they are still valid…what DOES happen when the sun goes down? What about in winter? The generation peeks at noon when I’m at work? And then advancements in battery technology, improvements in panels and lifestyle changes made these arguments no longer seem valid.

Now a coherent argument can be explained to all the solar doubters about your hot water; the new Bunsen Air. The incredible technology transfers the abundant energy from the atmosphere and uses it to heat the water in your existing hot water cylinder. Guaranteed to heat 99% of all your domestic hot water requirements.

If you want more information on how the Bunsen Air works,check out our other blog post that explains in detail how the system works. The system is fully automatic, low maintenance and you won’t need to change anything about your hot water cylinder. The refrigerant reaches boiling point at -26°C which, although feels it on your commute to work, will never be a temperature we experience in the UK.

Financially you’ll be saving a massive amount on your hot water bills. OVO energy stated that the average UK home spends over £450 a year purely on heating their water. And Energy saving trust claimed that 35% of dual fuel bills goes towards heating hot water. The Bunsen Air can cut your bills to as little as £47 per year.

Environmentally you’ll be doing your part too, the refrigerant is ozone friendly and obviously the panels are renewable. You can heat up your water without heating the earth.

We will Install, commission and pass it over to you, ready to use, for £4,995 – this is a massive £2,000 saving on our usual price. Over the years your investment will completely covered and the annual savings will be huge.

If you want to be contacted for an informal chat regarding the Bunsen Air and our offer you can fill out this simple form and we’ll contact you shortly.

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