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How does cold weather effect the functionality of solar PV?

How does cold weather effect the functionality of solar PV?

Many people throughout the UK are put off with having a solar system installed as a result of the British weather. Their worry is based on the factuality that Britain isn’t the sunniest of places and that the solar panels fitted on to their property would not provide a satisfactory return.


You will be happy to know that this is not the case!



The technological bit  – the flow of electricity through an electrical circuit is affected by the ambient temperature. If the temperature rises, the speed at which electrons travel is decreased due to a boost in the resistance of the circuit. In contrast, as the temperature falls, the electrons encounter less resistance, hence the speed at which they are travelling increases.


As a matter of fact, the cold weather that we generally experience in Britain will not have a negative outcome on the functioning of your solar installation – surprisingly it will boost its performance.


PV solar panels do not depend upon direct sunlight to generate electricity. They only require daylight; transforming the photons in natural daylight into electricity.


Most new solar panels employ lenses and mirrors to make the most effective and efficient use of the daylight that does reach them. Performance levels will differ based on the level of cloud cover, on a very cloudy day you can predict a solar panel to create around 40% the amount of electricity that it would on a clear and sunny day.


So, from that it is agreed that the ideal weather conditions for solar panels are cool and sunny!


If you are contemplating having solar panels installed, do not be put off by the fact that Britain is generally cold and cloudy, you will certainly get a beneficial return from your investment.



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