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How will the solar eclipse affect solar panels?

by Aug 21, 2017

Although it might only be a partial eclipse in the UK (like that isn’t still impressive), the solar world is preparing for an unusual occurrence. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or as it more commonly known – living away from social media, you would have seen the absolute meltdown people are having over the solar eclipse that will happen later today.

Already people all over America have claimed their solar eclipse viewing spot, the sales of sunglasses have rocketed past the sun and the internet seems to be entering into a void of eclipse excitement. However, solar power companies are not as excited as everybody else. For a few minutes a lot of solar panels all over America will get absolutely no energy at all which will require replacement. As the sun starts to make its dramatic appearance again, thousands of megawatts will travel over to the grid at once. Those who are operating the grid will have to use their (hopefully) very good reaction skills, and construct an intricate balance between hydroelectric and gas power accordingly.

As solar becomes more popular, it is important to be prepared for any kind of infrequencies. Whether that’s because of phenomena’s such as eclipses, in order to perfect the technology. So, all in all we guess the eclipse will actually prove to be beneficial for solar, despite how stressful it is.

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