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Information on the Bunsen Air

by Dec 20, 2017

Find out more about the renewable technology, designed for the UK climate to generate 100% of your hot water requirements, day and night.

The Bunsen Air turns your existing water cylinder into a solar store, generating 100% of your domestic hot water needs, with no need for any sunlight or warmth the Bunsen Air is the first of it’s kind to actually be usable in the temperamental UK climate.

How does it work?

The Bunsen air simply attaches to the existing pipes of your hot water cylinder with simple plumbing techniques. Two bunsen panels are mounted externally. The innovative bunsen panels makes them superior and incredibly efficient, with a dual exhaust and dual panel system they significantly outperform single panels meaning they run faster and consequently costs less to heat the water.
Then, a refirgerant with a boiling point of just -26°C (we can safely say the UK never reaches this temperature even though it may feel like it at the moment), flows out around the panels, heating up whether its bright or dark, warm or cold. The refrigerant changes to a gas as it heats up and returns to the controller which is where it is compressed back into a heat. The result? Heat gets transferred to your exchanger to your hot water cylinder and provides you with all your hot water needs.
The system is fully automatic – switching on only when it detects a drop in temperature in your cylinder. However, you can use the advanced features to create timers for specific times of the day making it as low maintenance or personal as you like.

Financial Benefits

OVO energy stated that the average UK home spends over £450 a year purely on heating their water. Energy saving trust stated that 35% of dual fuel bills goes towards heating hot water. When putting this into consideration, your yearly savings have the possibility to be immense with help from the Bunsen Air. If the Bunsen Air is on for 2 hours 15 minutes a day to heat a 200Lt cyclinder to 55 degrees, that would just cost 15p. The savings can be really great.

Environmental Benefits

It goes without saying that the bunsen air is environmentally friendly – giving you hot water without heating up the earth itself. The refrigerant is Ozone friendly, absorbing the free energy from the air temperature (even if it’s snowing). Join the green movement and help protect the earth from climate change, whilst cutting your bills with advanced technology.

Key points

Generates 100% of your hot water neeeds
Works day or night, rain or snow.
Designed for the UK climate
Eco friendly
Cuts your energy consumption & bills
Low running costs
Only simple plumbing required to your existing cylinder
Superior dual panel technology

Enquire with us

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