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Solar energy / solar power has been around for a lot longer than we think, but thanks to advances in technology solar power in the UK is becoming more familiar.

Fossil fuel provisions over the years have become depleted therefore pushing the government into incentivising the UK population to use renewable energy.  As sunlight is classed as a renewable energy source technology was developed and made available to make home nurtured electricity.

So how does solar power work? Essentially, sunlight, which is a natural renewable resource, is converted in usable power, be it for solar thermal use or solar photovoltaic. The ‘power’ is absorbed using a framework of tiny cells known as a semiconducting material and is silicon based.  As the power is absorbed it creates a reaction which in turns develops into electricity (DC electricity).The power is then pushed through to the inverter. The inverter, usually housed in the attic space does all the hard work, and converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. The usable energy is transferred to your consumer unit and is distributed round your property for day to day use.

Solar Energy

For solar panels to work efficiently all we need is natural daylight or a bright clear day. The sun does not have to be burning down on them which due to our fluctuating climate leaves us in good stead. However, we cannot solely rely on home nurtured solar photovoltaic electricity so there will always be a need for grid purchased energy, for example of an evening or on dark cloudy days.


As the market continues to grow it has been predicted that within the next 12-18 months battery storage devices will come to the UK market, this will allow home nurtured energy to be stored and used when required rather than being fed straight back into the grid. As with all new developments this is still in its infancy and at launch won’t be cheap! However, looking at the pv system as a whole, and again with further advancements in the manufacture, the cost to install a solar pv system has reduced dramatically over the last 5 years and with the cost of grid bought energy increasing (expected to reach 25.3p/kwh by 2020) solar pv is on the rise

Solar Energy facts

Thanks to advances in technology, photovoltaic solar panels are now guaranteed for 25 years. Think of the money you’ll save, what WILLyou spend it on?

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