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Solar Panel Warranty Maintenance

Solar Panel Warranty Maintenance

The most common question people ask about solar photovoltaic panels is “How long do they last – to what degree is their life expectancy?”


Solar panels in the UK are skilfully well made as they are created to withstand the unreliable British weather. It takes a great deal of energy and money to manufacture PV panels, consequently the financial and carbon payback times under UK conditions can be long-lasting, covered from anything between 20 – 25 years.


The warranty conditions for solar panels often guarantee that panels can still generate the minimum of 80% of their initial estimated peak output after 25 years. Manufacturers anticipate that the efficiency and performance reduces no more than 1% per year.


It is not just noticeable damages that are covered by a solar panel warranty. If the efficiency of the panels decrease below 80% this will also be protected under the warranty and will be replaced or repaired.


The Centre for Alternative Technology (a welsh solar panel company) designed, supplied and constructed their very first unified PV roof, which included 180 panels in 1997. By spring 2010 they undertook some refurbishment on the roof and took the chance to examine and test each of the panels. They carried out a ‘flash test’ for each singular panel to discover how much of the initial rated peak output the panel could still produce, which turned out at only around a 9% reduction over a 13 year period., equal to 0.7% a year.


All this is very promising – with solar PV power output reducing by less than 1% each year. Solar panel installation should generate electricity for 25+ years as we pursue to study and advance solar panels, resulting in efficiency going from strength to strength!




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