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Solar Energy is the reason we are all here today! It is the fundamentally main source of energy for all beings on this planet.


Every hour the sun gleams onto earth with enough energy to satisfy global energy demands for a full year! Solar energy is the applied science technology to bring the suns energy under control and make usage of it. Although the sun is over 90 million miles from the Earth, it takes lesser than 10 minutes for light to accelerate across that distance.


Lots of people are familiar with solar panels, devised and created on things like handheld calculators, spacecrafts and rooftops. The panels are made of semiconductor elements like the ones you see in computer chips. When sunlight beams on the cells/panels, it makes the electrons loosen and separate from there atoms. As the electrons move and progress through the cell, they generate electricity.



10 Solar Energy Facts


1 – The sun is a direct source of energy. It uses renewable energy technologies, which we can convert that solar energy into electricity.


2 – Solar panels are all ‘wireless’. They are not connected to any external sources of power.


3 – Solar lights create no pollution and cause no damaging and harmful environmental effects.


4 – Solar energy lights are unaffected by blackouts!


5 – Solar panels are occasionally used at temporary projects such as fairs, mining sites, opening of real estate developments etc.


6 – The batteries of solar-powered outdoor lighting require no water or other frequent service… It is basically maintenance-free!


7 – These solar lights provide boosted security in dark and dingy isolated areas, like parks and car-parks.


8 – Solar panels work at night!


9 – Solar energy lights work even after those dull and dreary cloudy days. Throughout daylight the solar generators charge long-lasting batteries, which store the energy until required, up to 5days for solar systems.


10 – Once installed, the energy is…. FREE!!         




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