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This was introduced as the government became increasingly aware of the decreasing access to fossil fuels. So to encourage UK home owners to install solar panels and become more self-sufficient the Feed In Tariff was created by the government and was introduced into Britain in 2010.
The Feed In Tariff is a tax free payment and is guaranteed by the government for 20 years. The allowance also increases in line with inflation.
By having solar installed you will:

• Be paid for the electricity you produce
• Be paid EXTRA for the electricity you don’t use
• Reduce your monthly gas and electric bills
• Industry statistics show that on average the return on investment in the first year alone is around £700.00
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The Small Print

To qualify and claim your Feed In Tariff, you must follow the following guidelines:

• You must register for the Feed In Tariff
• The company installing your solar panels must be MCS accredited
• The panels must not be second hand or refurbished
• The panels should come approved by the MCS
• All domestic installations must be below 4kWp’s
• Your energy supplier must offer Feed In Tariff payments
• Your EPC rating must be greater than a ‘D’

As the installing company we will add your details to the MCS database. We will then send you a certificate to confirm your installation complies with MCS regulations. Upon receipt, you will need to notify your energy supplier asking them to register you on the Feed In Tariff. Your energy supplier will cross check your details with the MCS database and will ask for a copy of the installation certificate; this will then be added to the Ofgem Central Feed In Tariff Register. Once your energy supplier has received confirmation of the registration, they will notify you in writing as you will need to submit readings in order to claim your payments.

This may seem a daunting task, but the team here at Contact Solar will guide you through the process. We won’t leave you hanging high and dry. Whatever the question or query, big or small call or email Vicky on 01772 694147 or [email protected]

What about the future?

The rate at which the Feed In Tariff pays out is likely to change. The government is proposing that the greater the number of installations, the greater the benefits. The government is planning on reviewing the number of installations on a quarterly basis notifying all households at least 2 months prior to launching any plan changes.

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