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Keeping you informed is our priority, but ensuring you understand what’s happening is also key. So, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a guide as to what happens, when it happens, how it happens and why it happens.

Upon receipt of your enquiry we will use Google Earth to estimate the orientation, angle and the size of your roof. Using these estimates we’ll put together a quote based on what we see fit for the panel layout, the costs and your estimated return on investment.

If you live within a National Park, in a listed building, in a new development with shared ownership or if your new solar panels are to be installed on a flat roof or on the ground, we may need to obtain planning permission. As planning regulations change quite frequently we ensure our project managers and site teams are always up to date with the current legislation. If we do need to apply for planning permission, this something you can seek independently or we can support and guide you through the process.

Once you’ve received your quote, we’ll arrange for one of our specialist surveyors to come out and survey your property. This will involve checking the size and elevation of your roof, ensuring the roof is structurally sound and making sure the electrics are fit for purpose. Whilst at your property, we will carry out the EPC survey (if you don’t already hold a certificate) to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for the Feed In Tariff. Once these checks have been carried out, we’ll confirm the layout of the panels with you and arrange a date for installation.

One of the day of installation we’ll introduce you to our team, this usually consists of a project manager, two roofers and an electrician. For more information on what happens on the day of installation please go the Installation Guide.

After solar panel installation, we ensure all certificates and registrations are submitted and that the forms are completed to register you on the Feed In Tariff. As we’re registered with all the relevant governing bodies e.g. NIC EIC, Part P and MCS, we can assure you that all our work exceeds the minimum standards.

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